Paola Delfin
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Paola Delfin



Paola Delfin is a Mexican artist whose work is mainly influenced by illustrations, organic forms and a mixture of unusual materials. Paola was born in Mexico City and remembers from the time she was very small, she always had a pencil and paper to help her visualize her own world through drawing. The topic she endeavors to explore relates to beauty and feminine sensibility. Through these female characteristics, Delfin is able to depict a vast range of incredible changes and contrasts where she attempts to give her work a life of its own.
By means of the meticulous use of illustration and verging on almost obsessive technique, she attempts to portray the creative aesthetic of her generation while also depicting a reflective message.
Her goal is to make her work available in all settings and to all audiences–with the intention that her work is by no means exclusive.
“I believe that art needs to be seen everywhere possible, to bring a white wall to life, and make a story out of it. My passion is to create, be available to tell a story with my hands and make it visible to everyone though images that involve you [the viewer] in that story. That feeling is what makes me love being an artist.”
Her introduction to the world of street art happened both spontaneously and inevitably after realizing that the messages she was trying to emit would become trapped and misunderstood on a small template, therefore, she found that using large wall space was a perfect way to express herself.
Her mural work is a story of movement while meshing the empty space with fluid lines she explores the beauty and fragility of the feminine figure and also how strong its impact can be.
Her last series Metamorphosis is a compilation of 33 works that are exclusively done in ink. This series was generated from a transformation process that required internal changes to realize her work. Like all metamorphic processes, the product would mutate, evolve both freely and unexpectedly until the last piece. It is a work of introspect that is extremely intense and involves mostly self-exploration, with the intention of sharing the self-transformation process. With only the ink on paper and canvas in multiple sizes and dimensions, Delfin allows these materials to flow and transform freely.
Paola Delfin lives and works in Mexico.