Fin DAC – Taaniko
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Fin DAC – Taaniko

Totara Street, Next to Mount Vet



Fin Dac is an artist we have been watching for a while and we love his work and needed him at Street Prints Mauao 2015. Hailing from Ireland but living in London, we flew him to NZ via Miami where he was painting for Wynwood Walls during Miami Art Basel.

Fin had no idea what he wanted to paint, he usually tends to paint women of asian descent. This was our opportunity to have Fin paint a native of NZ. This is where the collaboration with Soldiers road begun.

After discussion with Fin and Taaniko from Soldiers Road we had an image, taken by Vienna Nordstrom from Soldiers Road of Taaniko on the top of the empire state building in New York. An image that Fin beautiful portrayed in his unique style on the side of ‘Mount Vet’ on Totara Street.


The image shows Taaniko dressed in traditional korowai and traditional attire, this was mixed with Fin’s bold colour scheme and Fin’s signature mask.

It was awesome to get to know Fin, our daughters now call him uncle Fin, he even decided to stay longer and spent a traditional Christmas with us.

This mural is still as beautiful as it was today and can be found at 35 Totara Street, Mount Maunganui, Thank you to the team at Vogue Lighting for allowing us to use your wall.

Info on Fin Dac

Fin is a Non-conformist urban/stencil artist with influences ranging from graphic novels to Francis Bacon/Aubrey Beardsley. Founder/Originator of Urban Aesthetics. For more info , see links below;

Click through to his website