Askew One – Maddison
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Askew One – Maddison

Totara Street, Next to The Design Depot



Written by Askew

Maddison, 2015
For Street Prints Mauao mural festival in Mt Maunganui, NZ.

I arrived in Mt Maunganui pretty unprepared after flying home from Miami and wasn’t sure who I was going to paint. In this situation I tend to let the subject reveal themselves to me so Olivia Laita Gallery and I took a walk around the shops & cafés on Friday morning, keeping our eyes open in case we spotted someone to photograph. We actually gave up after a while and headed for the car discussing a plan b. We walked past a little café and decided to have one more coffee before heading to the wall. Just as we got served our coffees a girl walked in who was really perfect for this mural – I was trying to be subtle (wasn’t that subtle) seeing if Livi agreed, she didn’t want to stare too hard out so I had to wait until she’d caught a glance without gawking. We both agreed she’d be great so I approached her.

Her name is Maddison, she’s local and was actually working on a shoot down the road and walked down to grab coffees for the team. We shot the portrait on the side of the road, the light was harsh but in the end it made the shot, especially the shadows from her eyelashes which is my favourite aspect of this image.

Another couple of small coincidences, the wall I was painting is a design store that stocks my studio friend Tim Webber Design furniture and my uncle works 3 days a week in the building the mural faces. A big thanks to Street Prints New Zealand for doing an awesome job, most relaxing festival ever!



If you are wanting to find where this Wall is, you will find it on Totara Street on the side of ‘The Design Depot. Thank you to them for there support.

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